Martin Strauss

Excerpts from our interview with photographer Martin Strauss:

Q: Besides camera and model, what is indispensable for you on set?

A: A cool and easy set that is fUN, with music and my lint roller. Just kidding, the utmost important aspect is having a god dam- ned good idea!

Q: Are former models better photographers?

A: I feel that having an understanding of what being a model at a photo shoot is about, along with all the feelings (such as cocki- ness or shame), helps me to communicate poses more effectively. It gives you a sense of experience. Being a model allows the opportunity to learn various ways in which to photograph, as creating setups etc, so there are valuable insights.

Q: Do you have any models you dream of working with or places you dream of working (professionally speaking)?

A: There are a couple of Instagram starlets, if one would call them that, or super models even, but I would feel slightly nervous about the quality of my work and whether it would be satisfactory… okay maybe more than a little bit.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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