Diana Schneider


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Diana Schneider:

Q: How did your venture into photography begin?

A couple of years ago, I really enjoyed modelling, but over the years I simply switched sides. I am getting old and it‘s unacceptable to show or even retouch my wrinkles. (laughs) Counting calories, watching your diet …
Back then there were some photographers that I admired and wanted to shoot with, Ronan Budec for example, was always one of my favourites and I would have loved to work with him. Although it was just a hobby, I was quite ambitious and motivated. After a while I fulfilled all my goals and wishes, so it was time for a change. I started retouching some of my own images after asking the photographers for some RAW files. When I had no more RAWs of myself, I bought a camera, that was two years ago.

Q: Surely you have special ideas and projects you would like to fulfill?

Yes, of course I do. One of my favourite photographers is Christian Schuller. Everytime I
look at his work I think „oh wow, I want to do something like that too“. Sure it‘s wishful
thinking, but that would be pretty amazing. When I see the preparation, days, weeks and
even months of arranging things, it‘s impressive, but at this point just impossible.

Q: Let‘s talk about your photos that appear in … FURORE Magazine. Please give us some more information about them.

The photos are from two shoots with Playmate Christina: Ibiza, Spain and Zandvoort, Netherlands. The photos from Ibiza happened very spontanously. The model and I simply met, had a lot of fun and tried to get some good shots.

Zandvoort was a bigger project with designers and even two Make-Up Artists on set. Besides the swimwear we show here, we also had several fashion outfits to shoot that day, so we had to be more disciplined and structured in our work and preparations.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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