Stefan Imielski


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Stefan Imielski:

Q: How do you think your days as a model benefits your career as a photographer?

I am able to identify with the model when it comes to stressful factors like temperatures, wind and things like that. Other photographers might think the model was booked, and therefore has to deliver and do the job, whereas I can recognise early on when it‘s time for a pause. I remember how exhausting certain poses, heat, cold or lighting situations can get and that models, under such circumstances, reach their personal limits.
Being empathic helps to build trust between the model and myself. Furthermore it helps to maintain a good vibe and energy on set.

Q: Are there or have there been photographers that have molded (and/or inspired) you?

Camilla Akrans is amazing, Mario Testino of course, David Bellemere, although he focuses mostly on nudes. There are a lot of photographers out there that inspire me. Just recently I visited Peter Lindbergh‘s exhibition here in Munich and it was very interesting to see how a ‘big one‘ does things. It is even more interesting to realise that I am not too far from fulfilling a dream such as having my own exhibition, after my book project is finished.

You need to make time for yourself to search the web too, to google all the unknown, but brilliant photographers out there for new inspiration. Don‘t missunderstand me, it‘s not my intention to copy someone‘s work. It is always important, and natural to add my own taste and style, regardless where the inspiration comes from.

Q: What do you like about FURORE Magazine?

I respect people who have the courage to publish their own magazine. I like to support that commitment and it‘s somehow an honour to be one of the first people to be featured.
Furthermore it is a very positive and elegant way to promote my book and get more attention. Some people underestimate the power and influence of these magazines, blogs and social media, but I don‘t. It is important for me to look for a specific style and quality when it comes to this type of collaboration, but I enjoyed the first issue of FURORE Magazine greatly.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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