Anton Sofiychenko


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Anton Sofiychenko:

Who and what has influenced your development as an artist? Do you have any idols?

There are a lot of authorities; I admire people who act upon their goals, strive to move forward, are ambitious and never stop at anything, people who are constantly driven, wanting to better themselves.
There is the renowned Helmut Newton. I love how he shows femininity. I also admire David LaChapelle. I’m intrigued by his ideas, his use of colours as well as poses.

Besides your camera and a model, what is essential for you on set?

It is important for me to have enough space, so that there is a lot of „air“ created in my work environment. Of course, the music is equally important. And a nearby bar? Absolutely ideal!

What do you do for self marketing? Are there any websites important for you as photographer and why?

While I use many social networks, I find that Instagram is very popular. I get many orders through the app, and lately I’ve only been using that to get work. You will not believe how effective it is!

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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