Ana Dias

Interview Ana Dias
Excerpts from our interview with photographer Ana Dias:

Do you see yourself as an artist and how do you get inspired?

I think of myself as passionate, expressive, bold, energetic, fresh and, hopefully, unique. I am an artist, of course! Regarding inspiration, I can get it from every single aspect of my life … From a travel, from a movie, from a song. There is no rule. But I feel that what inspires me the most and that makes me want to create is beauty itself, especially feminine beauty.

What is it like to shoot for PLAYBOY?
Is it a dreamjob and what is different to other shoots?

Working for Playboy is a dream job, of course! It allows me to work with the most amazing models in the world, to travel to breathtaking places, to meet new and interesting people and their cultures. Being a Playboy photographer I can do just that. And also, because I’m part of this big family, I got to meet my idol last year at the Playboy Mansion: Hugh Hefner!

At this time I have a webshow for Playboy UsA that is called “PLAYBOY ABROAD: Adventures with Photographer Ana Dias” and it is basically a diary of my life as a Play- boy photographer. In each episode I always have a different model, that is shot in a dif- ferent city, somewhere in the world. That was the best thing that ever happened to me! Each month I travel to a few different countries and it’s such a thrill! I find myself very lucky to be able to photograph and travel and make a living of it!

What are the pros and cons about being a female photographer in the erotic media business?

There are no cons! It’s quite useful, however, to be a women that photographs women because I understand the female body very well, and I know how to show it in the best possible way. Also, because I’m a heterosexual woman, there is no sexual tension in the shoot and so it’s easier to communicate with the models and reach the image that I envisioned in my mind.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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