Barbara Boller

Interview Barbara Boller
Excerpts from our interview with model Barbara Boller:

Hello Barbara, tell us about you. What should we know?

Well, I‘m a Life lover. I always describe myself like that because I thoroughly enjoy my life and everything that happens to me. I like to observe the little things, the small details that people are not really looking at, the simple things. I love people and their stories. I love to know everything about someone I’ve never seen before. I‘m a Pisces. so I believe it says a lot about me. I’m extremely sensitive, calm, sweet, and romantic and I am definitely a Nerd. Although I consider myself to be fairly humorous and crazy at the same time. I feel like nothing happens by chance. So when we get to know someone, we will definitely learn something from them, but we also teach them something new. I believe every relationship that crosses your life will help mould you as a person.

Is there a photographic genre you feel most comfortable with as model?

Absolutely. I love sensual concepts. I enjoy the feeling of feeling sexy. It‘s so funny because as a child and teenager I used to be extremely shy. I struggled to speak to people. I really feel comfortable because I can express myself better. When I speak of sexy I do not necessarily mean nude, you can be sexy wearing a winter jacket which says a lot about a model because your whole body is integrated in one feeling. You have the eyes, the cheeks, the mouth, your hands, your belly, legs all unites to express one specific feeling. And for this you have to love yourself, and feel yourself because you’re allowing people to see what‘s inside you. That‘s art, for me!

A good photographer …

… is someone who can see beneath your beautiful. someone who can understand you and connect with you at just a glance. When you are shooting you don’t always have time to be talking to each other so if both the photographer and the model are able to create this connection, it’s a wrap!!!

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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