Peter „Piet“ Klassen

Interview Peter "Piet" Klassen
Excerpts from our interview with photographer Peter „Piet“ Klassen:

What inspires you? Which artists, models have moulded you and who would you like to meet?

One person that I know personally and who inspires me all the time is Martin Strauss. Besides him artists like Jenna Rütter, Wojtel Pruchnicke, Kessler Tran and others influenced me during the beginning stages of my career.

What is important for you when you choose your models?

Usually I already have a number of models, who suit or improve my portfolio in mind and with whom i am already in contact with. It is not just their look and beauty. I have to be able to imagine them in my kind of pictures as well, able to portray my concept.

How is the balance between shooting and postproduction?

As I mentioned earlier I give 100% while shooting and another 100% during postproduction. But honestly I think the postproduction takes more time as it requires more attention to detail and hard work but I thoroughly enjoy it so I don’t mind.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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