Daniel Koper


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Daniel Koper:

Your work is very glamorous, sexy and sensu- al. How do you get the models into the right mood for this kind of photos?

This type of photographs requires models to develop the consciousness of their bodies and to get used to the camera. I work with profes- sionals, so my role (apart from taking photo- graphs) is to maintain a good relationship with the models and create a pleasant atmosphere. I talk a lot and I smile a lot – these are the cor- rect words tobrie y describe my sessions.

Can you name other photographers/artists that inspire(d) you?

I love the works of Ana Dias, how she uses skin colour saturation, combination of colours of the model and the background, as well as her processing. As far as commercial sports pho- tography is concerned, I admire Tim Tadder, who in my opinion is the absolutely the best in his department. And last but not least, I want to mention Annie Leibovitz, a real genius, I have just bought her latest album, it’s absolutely amazing.

A good model …

… is patient, knows her own value and is open to new ideas (even the crazy ones, which may result in the photos not being published), with interesting, original beauty and well-groomed body. The most important, however, is the special bond which is created or not. If it works out, wonderful photos are sure to be taken.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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