Dmitry Bocharov


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Dmitry Bocharov:

How would you describe your photographic style and what does a good picture taken by yourself need?

I mostly shoot fashion, portraits, beauty and commercial. I am currently starting to explore the Sport and Lifestyle genre as well. The best pictures I have taken came from a concept which spontaneously occurred in my head. I then researched and planned quite a bit around this idea and through this came my best images.

How do you get inspired and how do you prepare your shoots?

Locations inspire me. I try to walk around, drive around in the car, walk, and visit new places. When I nd a great location my brain start to create different concepts. The more I see, the better results I get.

Name three things that describe you as an artist and why are they so important?

I am passionate. I always try to explore new ideas, meet new people. I am responsible. I plan thoroughly as I am responsible for the outcome of the shoot and its results. I am organised and always well-prepared as I believe this helps create a successful shoot.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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