Olga Sidorenko


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Olga Sidorenko:

Hi Olga, please tell us about you and how did you start taking pictures?

I‘m a freelance photographer located in Kyiv, Ukraine. I was introduced to photography by my father during my childhood. I remember how my father photographed on Film with his „Kyiv“ Camera. He taught me how to shoot and explained to me how the exposure meter works. He also taught me how to develop Film in the bathroom. The shooting process was long and the result often turned out to be unpredictable. But it was quite an adventure for me as a child.

Do you only shoot sensual, erotic pictures or do you do other genres as well?

I shoot everything that interests me, anything that I would like to see as a photo at the moment. My goal is to create and let others decide which style it fits most.

What inspires and motivates you to take your pictures?

I like the idea that people can enjoy my photos in many years to come. Photographs are something that can always be looked back on. Photography as well as other art can live forever and is not set to a limited time frame. Therefore through photography I can leave a mark and express my inner self. That is what motivates me the most.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

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