Bernadette Kaspar

Excerpts from our interview with model, playmate and photographer Bernadette Kaspar:

Q: Who is Bernadette Kaspar? What should we know about you?

Bernadette is an open-minded, fun-loving and ambitious girl. What should you know about me? I have been modelling for nine years now and during that time I have graced famous magazines like „Playboy“ for example. My career took me from the print magazines to TV-shows like „Bachelor“, „mieten/kaufen/wohnen“, „Promi-Dinner“ and others. Today I am realigning myself and work behind the camera, helping other models to get the perfect picture.

Q: Your Playboy photos brought you a lot of attention. What were your experiences as a Playmate?

The attention usually only lasts about a month and fades quickly, but being a Playmate is an experience I‘m happy not to have missed. There are both advantages and disadvantages but as some doors close, others open.

Q: When it comes to working with a photographer, what do you value the most?

I think there has to be a certain chemistry between photogra- pher and the model. It‘s essential to get great pictures.

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