Little Caprice


Excerpts from our interview with pornstar & model Little Caprice:

Do you see yourself as an artist, actress, model or muse?

Well, a little bit of everything. As it is my main job to be a pornstar actor, my passion is modelling and for many men I’m a muse.

Do people recognize you in public? And if they do, what is their reaction?

Yes they recognise me quite often in public. I got fans all around the world, and almost everywhere I go. I always take a photo with my fans if they ask me. Their reactions are mostly positive. Quite a few men recognise me, but they are too shy to speak to me. I also receive the other side of the spectrum where some people react negatively towards me but that is all part of the game. I just smile and carry on because secretly I am sure they watch my videos too.

You have a very positive, natural charisma and your fans love you for that.
What is your philosophy to stay/be happy?

It‘s important to love yourself, love what you do and do it with passion and all your heart. I am a really satisfied person, because I have my dream job. I have my dream partner, who supports me with all I do, and I always try to be natural and remain who I am.

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Olga Sidorenko


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Olga Sidorenko:

Hi Olga, please tell us about you and how did you start taking pictures?

I‘m a freelance photographer located in Kyiv, Ukraine. I was introduced to photography by my father during my childhood. I remember how my father photographed on Film with his „Kyiv“ Camera. He taught me how to shoot and explained to me how the exposure meter works. He also taught me how to develop Film in the bathroom. The shooting process was long and the result often turned out to be unpredictable. But it was quite an adventure for me as a child.

Do you only shoot sensual, erotic pictures or do you do other genres as well?

I shoot everything that interests me, anything that I would like to see as a photo at the moment. My goal is to create and let others decide which style it fits most.

What inspires and motivates you to take your pictures?

I like the idea that people can enjoy my photos in many years to come. Photographs are something that can always be looked back on. Photography as well as other art can live forever and is not set to a limited time frame. Therefore through photography I can leave a mark and express my inner self. That is what motivates me the most.

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Daniel Koper


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Daniel Koper:

Your work is very glamorous, sexy and sensu- al. How do you get the models into the right mood for this kind of photos?

This type of photographs requires models to develop the consciousness of their bodies and to get used to the camera. I work with profes- sionals, so my role (apart from taking photo- graphs) is to maintain a good relationship with the models and create a pleasant atmosphere. I talk a lot and I smile a lot – these are the cor- rect words tobrie y describe my sessions.

Can you name other photographers/artists that inspire(d) you?

I love the works of Ana Dias, how she uses skin colour saturation, combination of colours of the model and the background, as well as her processing. As far as commercial sports pho- tography is concerned, I admire Tim Tadder, who in my opinion is the absolutely the best in his department. And last but not least, I want to mention Annie Leibovitz, a real genius, I have just bought her latest album, it’s absolutely amazing.

A good model …

… is patient, knows her own value and is open to new ideas (even the crazy ones, which may result in the photos not being published), with interesting, original beauty and well-groomed body. The most important, however, is the special bond which is created or not. If it works out, wonderful photos are sure to be taken.

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Dmitry Bocharov


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Dmitry Bocharov:

How would you describe your photographic style and what does a good picture taken by yourself need?

I mostly shoot fashion, portraits, beauty and commercial. I am currently starting to explore the Sport and Lifestyle genre as well. The best pictures I have taken came from a concept which spontaneously occurred in my head. I then researched and planned quite a bit around this idea and through this came my best images.

How do you get inspired and how do you prepare your shoots?

Locations inspire me. I try to walk around, drive around in the car, walk, and visit new places. When I nd a great location my brain start to create different concepts. The more I see, the better results I get.

Name three things that describe you as an artist and why are they so important?

I am passionate. I always try to explore new ideas, meet new people. I am responsible. I plan thoroughly as I am responsible for the outcome of the shoot and its results. I am organised and always well-prepared as I believe this helps create a successful shoot.

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Barbara Boller

Interview Barbara Boller
Excerpts from our interview with model Barbara Boller:

Hello Barbara, tell us about you. What should we know?

Well, I‘m a Life lover. I always describe myself like that because I thoroughly enjoy my life and everything that happens to me. I like to observe the little things, the small details that people are not really looking at, the simple things. I love people and their stories. I love to know everything about someone I’ve never seen before. I‘m a Pisces. so I believe it says a lot about me. I’m extremely sensitive, calm, sweet, and romantic and I am definitely a Nerd. Although I consider myself to be fairly humorous and crazy at the same time. I feel like nothing happens by chance. So when we get to know someone, we will definitely learn something from them, but we also teach them something new. I believe every relationship that crosses your life will help mould you as a person.

Is there a photographic genre you feel most comfortable with as model?

Absolutely. I love sensual concepts. I enjoy the feeling of feeling sexy. It‘s so funny because as a child and teenager I used to be extremely shy. I struggled to speak to people. I really feel comfortable because I can express myself better. When I speak of sexy I do not necessarily mean nude, you can be sexy wearing a winter jacket which says a lot about a model because your whole body is integrated in one feeling. You have the eyes, the cheeks, the mouth, your hands, your belly, legs all unites to express one specific feeling. And for this you have to love yourself, and feel yourself because you’re allowing people to see what‘s inside you. That‘s art, for me!

A good photographer …

… is someone who can see beneath your beautiful. someone who can understand you and connect with you at just a glance. When you are shooting you don’t always have time to be talking to each other so if both the photographer and the model are able to create this connection, it’s a wrap!!!

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Hartmut Nörenberg

Interview Hartmut Nörenberg
Excerpts from our interview with photographer Hartmut Nörenberg:

Hello Hartmut, please give us some basic information about you and how your photo- graphy started?

My name is Hartmut Nörenberg. I’m a photographer and post-production artist based in the small village called Mülheim in Germany. It’s near Düsseldorf and Cologne. I started taking photos when I was quite young. But back then, as you can surely imagine, it was just for fun and not as serious as it is now. My father has also taken a keen interest in photography so he would always take me along with on trips and he’d show me many interesting things. I bought my first camera when I was 17 years old and back then I took lots of pictures of my current girlfriend. At first it was just a hobby but after one year I started shooting with some other friends and models. That was the time I became more ambitious in retouching and digital postproduction. I experimented with my own images before I got involved in different retouching projects which also included other pictures.

Erotic photography is …

… something that gives the audience the feeling to be part of the scenery and be live on set, it satisfies our voyeuristic needs with an artistic approach.

How important is the web and social media for you to market and promote yourself?
What do/did you do and what worked for you?

Social Media is important, but personal contacts and verbal, face-to-face communications are much more important. The biggest problem is that social media is hyping only stuff that is trending.

You need to spend a lot of time on connecting and networking, which in my opinion is too time consuming. Outsourcing social media is the most effective way to have time for new projects and take care of precious clients.

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