Tomasz Zienkiewicz


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Tomasz Zienkiewicz:

Hi Tomasz, tell us about you and how did you start photography?

Hi, first of all I would like to say that I do not consider myself as a photographer despite doing it as a profession and this is due to the fact that I did not study photography during tertiary education. Photography started as a passion for me. At the time I was still working as a manager for a company. I would take pictures during any spare time I had. I enjoyed my freedom to shoot what I liked, because there were no expectations, no pressure coming from clients; no deadlines etc..
The more shoots I had done the more drawn to photography I had become. After four years of training and experimenting I decided to to do this on a professional basis. So it took me about eight years to build my portfolio.
Today I earn my money from giving workshops, commercial and private shoots.

What do you like about your photography and what would you like to improve?

There is something beyond photography that I always liked. The psychology, the emotions and sensuality. It was always about that. You learn to listen to people, learn to understand their emotions and capture that in your photographs.
When you ask about improvement it‘s tricky to answer. I like to keep my photography believable and natural. Although I know that I could improve my retouching or my lighting setups, I refuse to do it.
First of all I am too lazy, but more important is that if I put more energy in improving my preparations, lighting and retouching, my pictures would look completly different. It would push them too much towards the world of perfection and I don‘t want that.

A good model …

… is someone who can act, who can feel and is able to cooperate.
Sometimes you get a great looking model, but there is nothing more. No emotions. It’s like shooting a doll who you cannot talk to. A good model cooperates, understands my intentions, creates a proper mood and helps making much more than just a picture of a beautiful woman.
Honestly I think that my best shoots have been those where I could freely cooperate with the model. We had a lot of fun; we understood each other and we were able to capture authentic emotions.

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Massimo Vecchi

Excerpts from our interview with photographer Massimo Vecchi:

Who is Massimo Vecchi? Give us some information about you.

“Hello!” for the past 30 years now i have been in love with light and photography. I am also a former architect, a producer, an entrepreneur, as well as a husband, part of a loving family. I am a teacher and a dreamer. I live in Sicily, more specifically in Catania, Italy. This is where I have my studio and my production main base.

What was the nicest/most amusing memory you have that ever happened during a shoot?

Well I have experienced so many memorable events. Right now one in particular comes to mind.
This actually took place during one of the shootings for „Venus“. We were in Scala dei Turchi here in Sicily, when a couple of tourists came close to me in the shoot and asked if they could stay to watch the production to which I replied in affirmation. After a while, the man which was well in his sixties told me: „Mister I want to share with you, that for the first time in my life watching a nude woman I could appreciate the intense beauty without thinking about it in a sexually driven way and I wanted to thank you for this new experience“. This made me extremely happy and hopeful about the concept I have executed.

Do you think it’s easier to work as photographer now compared to before?

Once again I feel fifty/fifty regarding this topic. I think it is neither better nor
worse but rather always challenging. It is however better in that there are more resources to use and information is now more widely spread. There is an increase in the amount of people who are interested in photography. It is also much easier to get in touch with people from all around the globe.
I would say it is worse because many people think it is an easy way of art therefore the „standard“ in some areas is considered to be lower. I would consider it challenging because it is crucial that we keep raising the standard and educating our viewers through our work. To be able to communicate good principles and taking care of the quality of our work.

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Anton Sofiychenko


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Anton Sofiychenko:

Who and what has influenced your development as an artist? Do you have any idols?

There are a lot of authorities; I admire people who act upon their goals, strive to move forward, are ambitious and never stop at anything, people who are constantly driven, wanting to better themselves.
There is the renowned Helmut Newton. I love how he shows femininity. I also admire David LaChapelle. I’m intrigued by his ideas, his use of colours as well as poses.

Besides your camera and a model, what is essential for you on set?

It is important for me to have enough space, so that there is a lot of „air“ created in my work environment. Of course, the music is equally important. And a nearby bar? Absolutely ideal!

What do you do for self marketing? Are there any websites important for you as photographer and why?

While I use many social networks, I find that Instagram is very popular. I get many orders through the app, and lately I’ve only been using that to get work. You will not believe how effective it is!

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Barbarita Homs

Excerpts from our interview with model Barbarita Homs:

Hola Barbarita, nice to have you here. Tell us something about you, who are you?

(Laughs) Hola, i am a Spanish model from Barcelona. I have been modelling since I was 17 years old. So yes I have been in this industry for quite some time and I am very glad to be a part of it.

What is the biggest difference between Barbarita the model and Barbarita the private person?

I think everything about me as a model and me as a private person is different except my laugh. People depict me as an extrovert based on my modelling. They assume I am always dressed up with wearing a full face of makeup. Although I love shopping I consider myself rather simple. I rarely ever wear makeup and my life is neither as glamorous as it comes across. I would describe myself as more of a girlnext-door type of girl. (Laughs)

What was your biggest success as model so far?

My biggest success as a model so far was a much unexpected publication in Vogue Italia. I did a photoshoot with very elegant evening dresses and I ended up with this very fortunate opportunity. I never thought this could happen, so it was amazing to see.

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Excerpts from our interview with model Kitrysha:

Who is Kitrysha? What should we know about you?

Kitrysha is my art name but most people call me Kit. I am twenty-one years old and I live and model in Milan as well as all around the world. My ancestors originate from the Philippines, born from a Filipina mother and an Italian father. Many people have said that I have very exotic features. I appreciate that I have a particular look that makes me feel unique.

A lot of your photos have an erotic element. Is this a true representation of who you are or are you just feeding the crowd?

It’s easy for me to portray sensual elements within my photographs because it’s an innate part of my personality. More than one photographer had to stop shooting me because my sensual nature compromised with his ability to shoot.

Do you see yourself as an artist or a muse? And what was your biggest achievement so far?

I see myself as an artist and a muse considering that in only a few months I was able to be published in magazines like GQ, Playboy, Insomnia, The Forest, La Plus Belle. Now Furore evidently and the advertisement for Pittarello (a famous Italian fashion brand) for their Autumn Collection and all this without being represented by any agency. I was close to being hired for a Hollywood movie but unfortunately due to American bureaucracy it was impossible. However, I participated in an English movie as a back story model and am planning on being casted in a sitcom.

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FURORE Magazine proudly presents a first insight on „NUDES“, the new coffee-table book by Stefan Imielski.

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Learn more about an exciting project!


FURORE Magazine proudly presents a first insight on „NUDES“, the new coffee-table book by Stefan Imielski.

Get our Issue 02 and read the exclusive interview with him.

Learn more about the book:

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Stefan Imielski


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Stefan Imielski:

Q: How do you think your days as a model benefits your career as a photographer?

I am able to identify with the model when it comes to stressful factors like temperatures, wind and things like that. Other photographers might think the model was booked, and therefore has to deliver and do the job, whereas I can recognise early on when it‘s time for a pause. I remember how exhausting certain poses, heat, cold or lighting situations can get and that models, under such circumstances, reach their personal limits.
Being empathic helps to build trust between the model and myself. Furthermore it helps to maintain a good vibe and energy on set.

Q: Are there or have there been photographers that have molded (and/or inspired) you?

Camilla Akrans is amazing, Mario Testino of course, David Bellemere, although he focuses mostly on nudes. There are a lot of photographers out there that inspire me. Just recently I visited Peter Lindbergh‘s exhibition here in Munich and it was very interesting to see how a ‘big one‘ does things. It is even more interesting to realise that I am not too far from fulfilling a dream such as having my own exhibition, after my book project is finished.

You need to make time for yourself to search the web too, to google all the unknown, but brilliant photographers out there for new inspiration. Don‘t missunderstand me, it‘s not my intention to copy someone‘s work. It is always important, and natural to add my own taste and style, regardless where the inspiration comes from.

Q: What do you like about FURORE Magazine?

I respect people who have the courage to publish their own magazine. I like to support that commitment and it‘s somehow an honour to be one of the first people to be featured.
Furthermore it is a very positive and elegant way to promote my book and get more attention. Some people underestimate the power and influence of these magazines, blogs and social media, but I don‘t. It is important for me to look for a specific style and quality when it comes to this type of collaboration, but I enjoyed the first issue of FURORE Magazine greatly.

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Miro Hofmann


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Miro Hofmann:

Q: Your photographs are easily recognisable. Can you give us more information on your photographic style, your „look“ and philosophy?

It is not something I necessarily plan, but I have always reacted positively to warm colours when I saw them in the work of others.
In my own photography which has a lot of sexy coolness, warm tones and strong contrasts are very suitable to me. I have tried different looks, of course, but somehow they always felt wrong in combination with my photographs. It is a completely emotional thing and to some people my pictures are polarizing, I suppose. They simply have to look this way to feel right, at least to me.

Q: You shoot a lot of lingerie, what are your thoughts on nude photography?

I have tried it from time to time, but I must confess that creating aesthetic compositions and tasteful images with a nude model is very difficult to me.

I see a lot of great stuff out there, but when I see my own shots, they look strange to me. Lingerie shoots feel more comfortable, and they give me a wider range of poses and
possibilities when it comes to directing the model.

Q: A good model ...

… is expressive, and is able to appear authentic and natural in her posing. She should be courageous enough to open up for the sensual mood I want to achieve in my photos. If a
model hesitates in her posing flow, it is immediatly visible on the image.

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Diana Schneider


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Diana Schneider:

Q: How did your venture into photography begin?

A couple of years ago, I really enjoyed modelling, but over the years I simply switched sides. I am getting old and it‘s unacceptable to show or even retouch my wrinkles. (laughs) Counting calories, watching your diet …
Back then there were some photographers that I admired and wanted to shoot with, Ronan Budec for example, was always one of my favourites and I would have loved to work with him. Although it was just a hobby, I was quite ambitious and motivated. After a while I fulfilled all my goals and wishes, so it was time for a change. I started retouching some of my own images after asking the photographers for some RAW files. When I had no more RAWs of myself, I bought a camera, that was two years ago.

Q: Surely you have special ideas and projects you would like to fulfill?

Yes, of course I do. One of my favourite photographers is Christian Schuller. Everytime I
look at his work I think „oh wow, I want to do something like that too“. Sure it‘s wishful
thinking, but that would be pretty amazing. When I see the preparation, days, weeks and
even months of arranging things, it‘s impressive, but at this point just impossible.

Q: Let‘s talk about your photos that appear in … FURORE Magazine. Please give us some more information about them.

The photos are from two shoots with Playmate Christina: Ibiza, Spain and Zandvoort, Netherlands. The photos from Ibiza happened very spontanously. The model and I simply met, had a lot of fun and tried to get some good shots.

Zandvoort was a bigger project with designers and even two Make-Up Artists on set. Besides the swimwear we show here, we also had several fashion outfits to shoot that day, so we had to be more disciplined and structured in our work and preparations.

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