Excerpts from our interview with model Kitrysha:

Who is Kitrysha? What should we know about you?

Kitrysha is my art name but most people call me Kit. I am twenty-one years old and I live and model in Milan as well as all around the world. My ancestors originate from the Philippines, born from a Filipina mother and an Italian father. Many people have said that I have very exotic features. I appreciate that I have a particular look that makes me feel unique.

A lot of your photos have an erotic element. Is this a true representation of who you are or are you just feeding the crowd?

It’s easy for me to portray sensual elements within my photographs because it’s an innate part of my personality. More than one photographer had to stop shooting me because my sensual nature compromised with his ability to shoot.

Do you see yourself as an artist or a muse? And what was your biggest achievement so far?

I see myself as an artist and a muse considering that in only a few months I was able to be published in magazines like GQ, Playboy, Insomnia, The Forest, La Plus Belle. Now Furore evidently and the advertisement for Pittarello (a famous Italian fashion brand) for their Autumn Collection and all this without being represented by any agency. I was close to being hired for a Hollywood movie but unfortunately due to American bureaucracy it was impossible. However, I participated in an English movie as a back story model and am planning on being casted in a sitcom.

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