Massimo Vecchi

Excerpts from our interview with photographer Massimo Vecchi:

Who is Massimo Vecchi? Give us some information about you.

“Hello!” for the past 30 years now i have been in love with light and photography. I am also a former architect, a producer, an entrepreneur, as well as a husband, part of a loving family. I am a teacher and a dreamer. I live in Sicily, more specifically in Catania, Italy. This is where I have my studio and my production main base.

What was the nicest/most amusing memory you have that ever happened during a shoot?

Well I have experienced so many memorable events. Right now one in particular comes to mind.
This actually took place during one of the shootings for „Venus“. We were in Scala dei Turchi here in Sicily, when a couple of tourists came close to me in the shoot and asked if they could stay to watch the production to which I replied in affirmation. After a while, the man which was well in his sixties told me: „Mister I want to share with you, that for the first time in my life watching a nude woman I could appreciate the intense beauty without thinking about it in a sexually driven way and I wanted to thank you for this new experience“. This made me extremely happy and hopeful about the concept I have executed.

Do you think it’s easier to work as photographer now compared to before?

Once again I feel fifty/fifty regarding this topic. I think it is neither better nor
worse but rather always challenging. It is however better in that there are more resources to use and information is now more widely spread. There is an increase in the amount of people who are interested in photography. It is also much easier to get in touch with people from all around the globe.
I would say it is worse because many people think it is an easy way of art therefore the „standard“ in some areas is considered to be lower. I would consider it challenging because it is crucial that we keep raising the standard and educating our viewers through our work. To be able to communicate good principles and taking care of the quality of our work.

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