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Thanks to @photographie_miro for this impressive image.
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Miro Hofmann


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Miro Hofmann:

Q: Your photographs are easily recognisable. Can you give us more information on your photographic style, your „look“ and philosophy?

It is not something I necessarily plan, but I have always reacted positively to warm colours when I saw them in the work of others.
In my own photography which has a lot of sexy coolness, warm tones and strong contrasts are very suitable to me. I have tried different looks, of course, but somehow they always felt wrong in combination with my photographs. It is a completely emotional thing and to some people my pictures are polarizing, I suppose. They simply have to look this way to feel right, at least to me.

Q: You shoot a lot of lingerie, what are your thoughts on nude photography?

I have tried it from time to time, but I must confess that creating aesthetic compositions and tasteful images with a nude model is very difficult to me.

I see a lot of great stuff out there, but when I see my own shots, they look strange to me. Lingerie shoots feel more comfortable, and they give me a wider range of poses and
possibilities when it comes to directing the model.

Q: A good model ...

… is expressive, and is able to appear authentic and natural in her posing. She should be courageous enough to open up for the sensual mood I want to achieve in my photos. If a
model hesitates in her posing flow, it is immediatly visible on the image.

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