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Stefan Imielski


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Stefan Imielski:

Q: How do you think your days as a model benefits your career as a photographer?

I am able to identify with the model when it comes to stressful factors like temperatures, wind and things like that. Other photographers might think the model was booked, and therefore has to deliver and do the job, whereas I can recognise early on when it‘s time for a pause. I remember how exhausting certain poses, heat, cold or lighting situations can get and that models, under such circumstances, reach their personal limits.
Being empathic helps to build trust between the model and myself. Furthermore it helps to maintain a good vibe and energy on set.

Q: Are there or have there been photographers that have molded (and/or inspired) you?

Camilla Akrans is amazing, Mario Testino of course, David Bellemere, although he focuses mostly on nudes. There are a lot of photographers out there that inspire me. Just recently I visited Peter Lindbergh‘s exhibition here in Munich and it was very interesting to see how a ‘big one‘ does things. It is even more interesting to realise that I am not too far from fulfilling a dream such as having my own exhibition, after my book project is finished.

You need to make time for yourself to search the web too, to google all the unknown, but brilliant photographers out there for new inspiration. Don‘t missunderstand me, it‘s not my intention to copy someone‘s work. It is always important, and natural to add my own taste and style, regardless where the inspiration comes from.

Q: What do you like about FURORE Magazine?

I respect people who have the courage to publish their own magazine. I like to support that commitment and it‘s somehow an honour to be one of the first people to be featured.
Furthermore it is a very positive and elegant way to promote my book and get more attention. Some people underestimate the power and influence of these magazines, blogs and social media, but I don‘t. It is important for me to look for a specific style and quality when it comes to this type of collaboration, but I enjoyed the first issue of FURORE Magazine greatly.

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Miro Hofmann


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Miro Hofmann:

Q: Your photographs are easily recognisable. Can you give us more information on your photographic style, your „look“ and philosophy?

It is not something I necessarily plan, but I have always reacted positively to warm colours when I saw them in the work of others.
In my own photography which has a lot of sexy coolness, warm tones and strong contrasts are very suitable to me. I have tried different looks, of course, but somehow they always felt wrong in combination with my photographs. It is a completely emotional thing and to some people my pictures are polarizing, I suppose. They simply have to look this way to feel right, at least to me.

Q: You shoot a lot of lingerie, what are your thoughts on nude photography?

I have tried it from time to time, but I must confess that creating aesthetic compositions and tasteful images with a nude model is very difficult to me.

I see a lot of great stuff out there, but when I see my own shots, they look strange to me. Lingerie shoots feel more comfortable, and they give me a wider range of poses and
possibilities when it comes to directing the model.

Q: A good model ...

… is expressive, and is able to appear authentic and natural in her posing. She should be courageous enough to open up for the sensual mood I want to achieve in my photos. If a
model hesitates in her posing flow, it is immediatly visible on the image.

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Diana Schneider


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Diana Schneider:

Q: How did your venture into photography begin?

A couple of years ago, I really enjoyed modelling, but over the years I simply switched sides. I am getting old and it‘s unacceptable to show or even retouch my wrinkles. (laughs) Counting calories, watching your diet …
Back then there were some photographers that I admired and wanted to shoot with, Ronan Budec for example, was always one of my favourites and I would have loved to work with him. Although it was just a hobby, I was quite ambitious and motivated. After a while I fulfilled all my goals and wishes, so it was time for a change. I started retouching some of my own images after asking the photographers for some RAW files. When I had no more RAWs of myself, I bought a camera, that was two years ago.

Q: Surely you have special ideas and projects you would like to fulfill?

Yes, of course I do. One of my favourite photographers is Christian Schuller. Everytime I
look at his work I think „oh wow, I want to do something like that too“. Sure it‘s wishful
thinking, but that would be pretty amazing. When I see the preparation, days, weeks and
even months of arranging things, it‘s impressive, but at this point just impossible.

Q: Let‘s talk about your photos that appear in … FURORE Magazine. Please give us some more information about them.

The photos are from two shoots with Playmate Christina: Ibiza, Spain and Zandvoort, Netherlands. The photos from Ibiza happened very spontanously. The model and I simply met, had a lot of fun and tried to get some good shots.

Zandvoort was a bigger project with designers and even two Make-Up Artists on set. Besides the swimwear we show here, we also had several fashion outfits to shoot that day, so we had to be more disciplined and structured in our work and preparations.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

Axel Heinrichs


Excerpts from our interview with photographer Axel Heinrichs:

Q: Let‘s focus on your photography of people. What‘s is your philosophy? What are your goals and what drives you?

First of all it‘s working with people. I enjoy meeting new, creative individuals. Not just the models, but also the MakeUp Artists, Stylists and Designers. Working as a team is fun.

As for my style, I am not trying to ’specialise’ too much. I like the different types/styles of photography you can explo- re when having a person as your subject. I see myself as a craftsman, and I provide my services and if a client asks me for my help, I do not care about the speci c genre. My favourite genre however, is portraiture, either in a studio or somewhere outdoors. I enjoy travelling a lot for my photos, which have included trips to the Netherlands and Mallorca for example. That‘s pure fun.

Q: Can you give us some more information regarding your photographs that appear in our magazine?

One day Janina, one of my favourite models and I had the idea of going to Mallorca for a couple of days. We rented a house with pool and the temperature was around 40° Celsius at the time. We shot between hanging out at the pool and drinking cold beer. It was clear from the beginning that we would not be doing the usual „beach shots“.

We focused mainly on the pool area and various parts of the body.

Light was created with both a sun-swatter and bouncer. Marcus Axman was my assistant again, and I would not have been able to create these images without him. The rest was easy. The retouching is not too intense, the model looked exactly like that and I love it.

The shoot with Anna Lena was also on Mallorca, but at a different time and location.

Q: Do you still have aspirations and dreams as photographer? A location or specific model perhaps?

Shooting in Cuba would be very interesting., as long as the „Old Cuba“ still exists. The 50s air, the old cars …

As model I would like to work with Helene Fischer (German popstar). I saw that tiny, energetic person on stage in front of 60.000 people. Her stage perfomance was akin to that of a Lady Gaga or Madonna show and it simply blew me away. And her physical appearance is also very appealing.

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Bernadette Kaspar

Excerpts from our interview with model, playmate and photographer Bernadette Kaspar:

Q: Who is Bernadette Kaspar? What should we know about you?

Bernadette is an open-minded, fun-loving and ambitious girl. What should you know about me? I have been modelling for nine years now and during that time I have graced famous magazines like „Playboy“ for example. My career took me from the print magazines to TV-shows like „Bachelor“, „mieten/kaufen/wohnen“, „Promi-Dinner“ and others. Today I am realigning myself and work behind the camera, helping other models to get the perfect picture.

Q: Your Playboy photos brought you a lot of attention. What were your experiences as a Playmate?

The attention usually only lasts about a month and fades quickly, but being a Playmate is an experience I‘m happy not to have missed. There are both advantages and disadvantages but as some doors close, others open.

Q: When it comes to working with a photographer, what do you value the most?

I think there has to be a certain chemistry between photogra- pher and the model. It‘s essential to get great pictures.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

Stephan Glathe

Excerpts from our interview with photographer Stephan Glathe:

Q: What drives you? Where comes your motivation from?

I’m driven by female beauty and sensuality – showing the world by vision of women. To me, women are goddesses. When I can show that goddess in a woman in a photograph, I am happy.

Q: Which dream would you like to fulfill as photographer? Is there a specific dream?

My dream is to shoot campaigns for premium fashion brands, which would mean I have arrived at a stage where my art and my professionalism is at a level that people trust me with big budgets.

And bigger budgets means better ingredients for everything that makes the image.
I would be very happy my team then would still consist of the same people I work with today, and we made that journey together.

Q: Good models …

… make the picture.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

Martin Strauss

Excerpts from our interview with photographer Martin Strauss:

Q: Besides camera and model, what is indispensable for you on set?

A: A cool and easy set that is fUN, with music and my lint roller. Just kidding, the utmost important aspect is having a god dam- ned good idea!

Q: Are former models better photographers?

A: I feel that having an understanding of what being a model at a photo shoot is about, along with all the feelings (such as cocki- ness or shame), helps me to communicate poses more effectively. It gives you a sense of experience. Being a model allows the opportunity to learn various ways in which to photograph, as creating setups etc, so there are valuable insights.

Q: Do you have any models you dream of working with or places you dream of working (professionally speaking)?

A: There are a couple of Instagram starlets, if one would call them that, or super models even, but I would feel slightly nervous about the quality of my work and whether it would be satisfactory… okay maybe more than a little bit.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.

Víctor Kenzo

Excerpts from our interview with photographer Víctor Kenzo:

Q: Who is Víctor Kenzo? What should we know about you?

A: Víctor Kenzo, positive, funny and honest person.

Q: I am a photographer, because…

A: I think I discovered photography when I was a child but I didn’t know that it would be my job in the future. I’m completely self-taught.

Q: Who/what has influenced your development as an artist? Do you have any idols?

A: Every individual person, place and situation gives me a different feeling that inspires me in my work. I don‘t have idols, but maybe Mario Testino.

If you want to read the full interview, get your copy of FURORE Magazine here.