Little Caprice


Excerpts from our interview with pornstar & model Little Caprice:

Do you see yourself as an artist, actress, model or muse?

Well, a little bit of everything. As it is my main job to be a pornstar actor, my passion is modelling and for many men I’m a muse.

Do people recognize you in public? And if they do, what is their reaction?

Yes they recognise me quite often in public. I got fans all around the world, and almost everywhere I go. I always take a photo with my fans if they ask me. Their reactions are mostly positive. Quite a few men recognise me, but they are too shy to speak to me. I also receive the other side of the spectrum where some people react negatively towards me but that is all part of the game. I just smile and carry on because secretly I am sure they watch my videos too.

You have a very positive, natural charisma and your fans love you for that.
What is your philosophy to stay/be happy?

It‘s important to love yourself, love what you do and do it with passion and all your heart. I am a really satisfied person, because I have my dream job. I have my dream partner, who supports me with all I do, and I always try to be natural and remain who I am.

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