FURORE Magazine is a print/digital publication. Although it is produced in Germany we decided to publish only in english to address more readers all over the world.

FURORE Magazine is about the celebration of female beauty, it‘s sensuality and sexuality in a sophisticated manner. Strictly swimwear, lingerie, fitness and nude photography will be considered for publication.

Photographers and models from all around the globe are invited to submit their work, if it meets the qualifying criteria.

If you wish to submit your work for consideration, please read our guidelines.

„FURORE machen“- a german phrase refers to something that is startling, sensational and spectacular. With this in mind, we think (and hope) that you will find our publication to be more than nice and beautiful, but remarkable and special, and therefore we present our magazine both a digitalis well as a print version (print-on-demand) for those who prefer it.

The Magazine will be published 4 – 6 times a year, dependent on the response received.

The photographs are the heart of FURORE Magazine, but we wish to add soul to it as well. We will be conducting an interview with most published artist to give our readers a deeper insight in to the minds of the people behind (or on) the photographs.

We hope that you enjoy our publication, and we are interested in receiving feedback from you, so please feel free to write to us.